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An Ultra Cheesy Tour of Our House (Part 2)

The Heart of Life: An Ultra Cheesy Tour of Our House (Part 2)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Ultra Cheesy Tour of Our House (Part 2)

Glad to see you made it out of the bathroom alright! Let's continue down the hall! To the right is the "Blue Room." Nobody sleeps here, but somehow it is the cutest room in the house. However, we are considering inviting Princess Pea to spend the night sometime--almost every blanket we own is on this bed. It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

You may have noted the cool breeze blasting from the blue room. Behold the swamp cooler! It may seem reasonably sized from the inside, but...

From the outside it is truly a swamp monster!

Let's see, you've seen the dining room, the study, the living room, the bathroom, and the blue room. Next would be the room we sleep in. Mmm, we'll skip our room. Nothing to see there! On to the office! As you can see, the first fruits of our marriage are kept neatly piled in the office, along with the large pile of accompanying thank you cards.

Above the desk is my "culture wall" and above that is our "too large or too pretty to be kept in a kitchen cupboard" shelf.

Over here, by the back door, you will find a mysterious picture mounted on the wall. It appears to be nothing particularly special, but then..

Voila! A secret box filled with keys!

Some we know what they open, and others we are not so sure.

Out the door is our tiny, random enclosed porch. Kevin keeps his golf clubs in here. Approximately once a day I get a glimpse of these clubs from out of the corner of my eye and am nearly fooled into thinking there is a tall dark stranger standing there with a shovel.

Let's go back inside and explore the kitchen. It is fairly spacious and conveniently connects to the dining room.

There's Dahlia and her new haircut! In the past two months she has been in my care, she has bloomed once. I think she had this little idea in her stems that she wanted to be a bush, and she grew quite a lot. However, I wanted a little flower, not a bush, so I cut her down. I'm hoping to trick her into blooming again.

Now, see here. It appears to be a normal kitchen cupboard, correct?

No-o-o! Instead of opening to a shelf, it opens to drawers! Surely the other side will be normal shelving, right?

Shut the front door! Sliding metal bins! What a treasure!

That's all, folks! Come visit us again sometime!

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At July 27, 2011 at 6:56 AM , Blogger Georgia said...

Thanks for the rest of the tour, Lindsey. I'm thinking you should take that shovel and beat those clubs to the ground so they quit startling you like that.

That bed in the guest room looks so comfey I think I need a nap.

At August 22, 2011 at 10:05 PM , Blogger Celia Turner said...

What?! No picture of your nice new king bed? Maybe you'll reconsider after you get some tables and a bedspread. The rest of the house is very nice! (almost too nice for newlyweds) You hit the jackpot!


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