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Review: Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

The Heart of Life: Review: Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

A little while ago I got into Influenster.  Essentially it’s a site where you can review products, read other reviews, and ask and answer questions about products.  It’s kind of fun.  Another fun feature are VoxBoxes.  These are complimentary products qualified Influensters get to test and review.  I was fortunate enough to receive a recent VoxBox, and included in it was some clinical strength deodorant from Secret of the “Stress Response” variety. 


I’ve never used a deodorant quite like this.  It’s not really a solid, but it’s not a gel either.  The way it’s distributed is like a gel—the clicky bottom and the deodorant bursting out of holes at the top.  But it’s not a gel—it’s more like a super-soft solid.  Lotion-esque almost.  But not so liquidy, of course.  But unlike a solid, I haven’t noticed white marks on my clothes.  And unlike a gel I don’t have to hold my arms over my head waiting for my deodorant to dry.  It’s kind of the best of both worlds.

The directions recommend using “two clicks” of product, but don’t specify whether it’s two clicks per pit or one click per pit (a total of two clicks).  Personally, one click per pit seems like plenty of deodorant.

I must say, the smell alone is pretty delightful.  It’s fresh without being too overwhelming—nice and subtle.  Occasionally I catch a whiff of myself and think, “Where is that nice smell coming from?”  Then I realize it’s me.  It’s always a pleasant surprise.

When it comes down to this deodorant’s actual purpose (the sweat and stink thing), it does a pretty good job.  I can’t complain, although I haven’t really noticed much of a difference based on sweat and odor between this and other deodorants I’ve used.  The good people at Influenster keep asking how this deodorant has helped me keep my cool during a stressful situation.  As a preschool teacher I’m in constant stress-mode.  Not once have I thought, “Man, I’m real stressed.  Good thing I put on my Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response this morning or I’d be sweating up a storm.”  Honestly my deodorant is the last thing on my mind in a stressful situation.  And if I’m thinking about my deodorant, it’s probably because it isn’t working.  Anyway, I see it as a good thing that my deodorant isn’t “getting me through” anything.

I’m not sure if this is something I would buy.  As I already mentioned, I haven’t noticed much of a difference (if any) between this and other deodorants (non-clinical strength) I’ve been using lately, and the others are less spendy.  Five years ago or so sweat was more of an issue, and this deodorant might have been a good solution back then, but it’s not so much of a problem anymore.  Now that the weather is warming up a little I’ll have to go back to what’s left of my previous deodorant to make a warm-weather comparison.  If I notice a difference there I may be more likely to buy it.  If not…the nice smell and nice texture alone are probably not enough to win my eternal love.


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