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Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups

The Heart of Life: Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups

When I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I was immediately intrigued.  It's super easy, but I'd never made anything like this before.  Thus, I knew I must try.  I made it a second time last night with a few adaptations, and loved it even more.

Here's what you'll need:

Chicken (cooked and shredded)
Frank's RedHot Original Sauce (or Buffalo Sauce)
Brown Sugar
Egg Roll Wrappers
Bagged Cole Slaw Mix (dry!)
Cheese of Preference
Cooking Spray
Olive Oil (optional)
Glass of Water
Blue Cheese Dressing (or Ranch)

First of all, whenever I have a recipe that calls for shredded chicken, I prefer to cook the chicken in the crockpot.  It's just easier for me that way.  No babysitting it as it boils or fries.  I just put it in the crockpot and ignore it for 3-4 hours on high (depending on the amount of chicken).  It makes for super tender, perfectly cooked chicken that shreds like a dream.

As for how much chicken, cook up as much as you think you'll need.  For feeding the two of us I cooked up 4 chicken tenderloins, and we had enough leftover to probably feed one more person.

After your chicken is shredded, add the hot sauce and brown sugar to taste.  You want at least enough hot sauce to make the chicken moist (that chicken will slurp it right up), and then add some brown sugar to temper the spiciness a little.  Taste as you go and stop when you think it tastes good.  The original Frank's sauce is pretty spicy (although the spiciness thermometer on the bottle puts it only in the middle), so if you're feeding kids I'd probably go with Frank's buffalo sauce--according to the thermometer on the bottle, it's less spicy.

Oh yes, and you should probably preheat your oven.  Look at the baking instructions on your egg roll wrappers and preheat to that temperature.  Mine was 400 degrees, so yours are probably fairly similar.  Also note the baking time on your wrappers.  You'll need that for later.  Also spray down a cookie sheet with some cooking spray.

Here's the fun part.  Lay out an egg roll wrapper on a plate.  By the way, these can be found in the produce refrigerated section by the tofu. 
Arrange your chicken, cheese, and shredded cabbage like so on your egg roll wrapper:
As a side note, the original recipe calls for blue cheese crumbles, which sounds really good.  However, I've never tried it with the blue cheese and have instead used shredded pepper jack cheese.  Cheese as you wish.

Now fold your wrapper up like so:

Now dip your finger in the glass of water and run it along the edges of the remaining unfolded corner.  This tiny bit of water will seal your roll up when you do the next step.

Next, carefully roll the body of the roll toward the final corner.  You should be left with a beautiful egg roll.  Ok, maybe it won't be beautiful.  It took me a while to get the hang of it.  But beautiful or not, it will taste delicious.
Repeat until you have as many rolls as you desire and arrange them on your greased cookie sheet.  We eat somewhere between 3 or 4 rolls each, so you can use that to gauge how many to make. 

Now, this next step is important!  This is what will make your rolls crispy.  You can either spray the tops of your rolls with some cooking spray--this is the quick way.  Or you can brush the tops of the rolls with olive oil.  I'll admit I've only done the quick way, but I'd imagine using olive oil would probably be even better.  Choose what you will.

Now bake your rolls according to your wrapper package directions.  The original recipe said 13-15 minutes, but my wrappers said only 10-12 and it ended up that they needed only about 11 minutes.  Your rolls should come out slightly browned and crispy.

You could probably eat these plain, but it's really good to dip them in dressing.  The original recipe calls for blue cheese dressing, which is what I used.  I figured if I used blue cheese dressing with chunks of blue cheese in the dressing, it wouldn't really matter that I didn't put blue cheese in the rolls.  I think I was right, because they really are delicious.  Blue cheese and buffalo make a good pair.  However, I think dipping them in ranch dressing would be good as well.

I'm not sure if leftover rolls heat up well--my husband took the leftovers to work today for lunch, so I'll have to ask.  I don't think they'd stay very crispy, though.  I'd say the safest bet is to bake only as many rolls as you'll eat and save leftover ingredients to bake at a later time.



At October 18, 2012 at 4:07 PM , Blogger Georgia said...

Awesome new recipe! Thanks, Lindsey!!


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