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The Saga Continues

The Heart of Life: The Saga Continues

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Saga Continues

Unfortunately, the story of me and the Blog Boss didn't end after my last post.  You see, at my last post I was completely convinced that I'd been scammed, so in my mind I was done with the Blog Boss.  Little did I know, I was not.

To make a long and emotionally-charged story short, the Blog Boss made a reappearance a few days after my last post (a ten day absence).  He emailed me (and his other writers) telling us that he'd been in the midst of a big move, and that things should be back to normal.  So I put my posts back up on his site, and he paid me for them.  I was going to write another post on here explaining what had happened, but then I got busy with moving, so I didn't get around to it.

However, a few days ago he sent me an email saying that he'd come across my post on here where I assumed him to be a scammer, and he was incredibly offended.  He accused me of unprofessional conduct and terminated our working relationship.  He said my negative review of him and his site was inappropriate, and that my portraying the site as "not worth much" was highly contemptible.  He said he'd emailed all his writers beforehand to warn them that he was moving and wouldn't be able to respond to emails for a while, so I shouldn't have been surprised by his absence.

At first I felt guilty about it.  I felt like maybe it had been a mistake to write about the whole ordeal.  I felt like I had shot myself in the foot for writing it in the first place, and then again for not correcting it after things had been cleared up.

However, after a few days of pondering over the situation, I've realized that I really did nothing unprofessional.  I legitimately thought I had been scammed, so I wrote about it on my personal blog.  Assuming my side job was a bust after not hearing from my boss for ten days doesn't make me unprofessional--any rational person would come to that conclusion.  And I wasn't wrong to write about it.  As any nine-year-old could tell you, "It's a free country."  As long as I'm not writing maliciously or dishonestly, I have every right to write about whatever I want on my blog.  I experienced it, so I can write about it.  If I have a negative experience, there's nothing that says I can't write about it.

Yes, maybe I should have been a little more quick to update all my "readers" (who are mostly my friends and family) about how I found out he didn't drop off the face of the earth.  However, he left me hanging for 10 days, and he knew he left me hanging--I wrote him a handful of emails throughout the disappearance, so he should have known right away that I did not receive prior notice of his absence.  For being so concerned about professionalism, he sure didn't show me much.  Thus, I really don't feel bad for taking my time to update my personal blog.

I wrote an email back to him defending myself and my situation, but in the event that he realizes how idiotic it was to "fire" me for being upset with his unprofessionalism, I still don't plan to write for him again.  Or anyone else, really.  If this is what writing for a blog boss is like, I'm not in.  Too much drama.  So ends my saga.



At September 3, 2012 at 11:36 AM , Blogger Celia Turner said...

That's too bad! You're such a great writer - any blog boss would be lucky to have you writing for them!

At September 3, 2012 at 2:41 PM , Blogger Georgia said...

That is too bad. You are a great writer and Blog Boss was completely unprofessional not only in the way he treated you and failed to treat you, but in searching out and taking offense at your personal blog.

I got in trouble for something I wrote on my blog a couple of years ago. Someone at work told me I shouldn't be writing my feelings on a public place like a blog. I promptly went home and deleted the post. To this day, I am unhappy about how I was treated and even more unhappy that I succumbed to the pressure to remove the post. I wish that I had left it because there was not one thing I had written that wasn't completely true AND it was not injurious to anyone. Expressing my feelings and frustration was cathartic for me and being told to remove it left me even more upset over the entire episode.

I'm proud of you for telling the truth and standing by your right to do so. Bad Blog Boss for being completely unprofessional and thinking he has control over your personal writings.


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