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GTBT Quote of the Week

The Heart of Life: GTBT Quote of the Week

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GTBT Quote of the Week

There is a page in the Good-Touch/Bad-Touch Giant Storybook where Jonathan (the main character) is standing by a park bench and there are a few pigeons gathered around him on the sidewalk. There is also a lady in pink with a hat sitting on the bench. I explain that this lady is probably somebody Jonathan knows and that she is trying to sexually abuse Jonathan. Then I ask if this lady has the right to sexually abuse Jonathan.

The kids exclaim with wide eyes, "No!"

I ask, "Why not?"

"IT'S MY BODY!!" is the enthusiastic reply.

I explain that it's Jonathan's body and he is the only one who decides who he wants to share his body with. Next, I ask what Jonathan is probably feeling. At this point, the concept of the Uh-Oh feeling is old news. I've already asked this question about 3 times, so they usually get the idea by this point. Jonathan would feel the Uh-Oh feeling. It would let him know that something was wrong. But yesterday's response was a new one.

"He'd feel like kicking a pigeon!"

The class liked this idea and hummed their approval.

Their teacher stepped in, "Class. Would you really kick a pigeon?"

"No..." they collectively murmured in defeat.

"Ok. Then we aren't going to talk about kicking pigeons," their teacher said.

I've been thinking about this ever since that presentation, and you know what?

If I were Jonathan, I would want to kick a pigeon too.



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