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Challenge 5

The Heart of Life: Challenge 5

Monday, June 11, 2012

Challenge 5

Challenge #5:  What is something that describes you from each letter of the alphabet?
A:  Agreeable
B:  Blind (not legally)
C:  Christian
D:  Danish (partially)
E:  Earthling
F:  Fiddler
G:  Grass-loving
H:  History
I:  Indexing
J:  Jigsaw Puzzle
K:  Kelly Green
L:  Law-abiding
M:  Married
N:  Night Owl
O:  Objective (mostly)
P:  Pasta
Q:  Quesadilla
R:  Resourceful
S:  Sample Tasting
T:  Tallish
U:  Underwear-wearing
V:  Violin
W:  Waffles
X:  X marks the spot
Y:  Yard
Z:  Zodiac is Libra



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