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10 for 10 Gratitude Challenge Number 8

The Heart of Life: 10 for 10 Gratitude Challenge Number 8

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 for 10 Gratitude Challenge Number 8

Write 10 modern inventions you are grateful for.

  1. The automobile in general is a fantastic invention.  I like being in different places, but don’t necessarily like going there.  Cars make the going a ton faster than via horse and buggy.
  2. The internet.  It’s kind of crazy that the internet came about in my lifetime.  So many great things stem from the internet.  There’s some bad things too, but mostly good.
  3. Toilets/indoor plumbing.  I’m sure I could manage without… but I’m glad I don’t have to.
  4. The printing press.  Ok, so print might one day become obsolete with the internet, but its invention really ushered in a new age of thinking.  All of the sudden reading was for the masses.
  5. Heating/air conditioning.  It’s so nice not having to worry about keeping a fire stoked in the winter.  Especially after my experience in a yurt.  I’ll share about that sometime soon.
  6. Electricity.  I probably take for granted how easy it is to just turn lights on and off.  No matches; no candles.  Just a switch and the occasional new light bulb.
  7. Pens.  They’re really an underrated convenience when you compare it to quills and ink.  Pens are faster and easier.
  8. Vaccines.  I listened to a podcast on the beginnings of vaccines and it’s creepy at the start, but really it’s pretty incredible that we’ve been able to nearly eradicate so many awful diseases through them.
  9. Microwave.  It’s a magical box.  I avoid using the microwave as a principle method for preparing food (I’m probably the only person in the world who still makes Ramen Noodles on the stovetop), but the microwave is really pretty great.
  10. Toasters.  Ok.  I love toast.  You can do it in the oven with the broiler… but the toaster is better.


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