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Challenge 7

The Heart of Life: Challenge 7

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Challenge 7

Challenge #7:  What numbers best represent you?  

Back in 8th grade basketball I was number 35.  One day in 8th grade math my friends and I were working on an assignment together in class.  There was one problem in particular that we couldn't figure out--a dreaded story problem, no doubt.  Thus, each of us decided to put our basketball numbers in as the answer.  I put x=35.  At the end of class we corrected the assignment.  You'll never guess what the answer was.


I was thrilled. All the practice I'd put into making the basketball team had culminated to this magical moment when I got a question right because I had made the team.  Unfortunately, the assignment was a practice test that wasn't being recorded in the grade book.  But this meant something.  I finally had a lucky number.

I was number 35 for such a short period of time, and yet it somehow ended up being the number I chose to use in countless usernames and passwords for years afterwards.  (I don't use it much anymore, so it won't be of much help to you if you're interested in hacking into any of my accounts.)  So I don't know if the number 35 represents me, but it does remind me of a time when I cashed out with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck.



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