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Challenge 14

The Heart of Life: Challenge 14

Monday, June 25, 2012

Challenge 14

Challenge #14:  What are some of your {detailed} favorites?

 I had to cheat a little and look at her examples because I was stumped.  So pardon my lack of originality.

My favorite kind of apple is Jazz.  So sweet and a good texture.

My favorite pizza is Hawaiian.  I used to think pineapple on pizza was nasty, but then I had some while I was in Bulgaria.  It changed my life.  It was amazing.  On the other hand, I'd been eating a lot of hard bread and mystery meat, so maybe it was the familiarity that made it drool-worthy.  Anyway, I like it now.

I go through phases with ice cream.  I went through a Superman ice cream phase.  Also cookies and cream.  And cookie dough.  And peanut butter.  My most recent favorite is a salted caramel.  Yuuuuum.  However, I always like some vanilla with hot fudge sauce.  Also there's something I love about Dairy Queen chocolate sauce.

I go through phases with cold cereal too.  I like Fruity Dino Bites (it's also really good on ice cream).  I like frosted flakes.  My very favorite is Berry Active Lifestyle (Kroger's version of Special K).  I like generic brands of cereal.  They taste just as good as the expensive kind.

As far as shampoo and conditioner go, I try something new every time.  I love shampoo shopping.  There's nothing more refreshing than a new smell for your hair.

I like my toothpaste good and minty.  I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon flavored kind or anything that tastes like cough syrup (why do they even make it in that flavor?).  I'm pretty easy to please, which is good because we seem to go through toothpaste like crazy.

I like clean sheets.  I look forward to changing the sheets because they feel so nice when they're clean.

I love cute flats that work with jeans, shorts, or a skirt.  They're good in most seasons (with the exception of snowy winter) and are usually pretty comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

 My favorite pair of jeans are some DownEast skinnies I bought a few years ago.  They're the only skinnies I've ever tried that don't strangulate my well-endowed calf muscles.

I'm hugely into Criminal Minds lately.  It's on Ion Television almost every night and we watch it almost every night.  It does make me more wary of taking the garbage out by myself after dark, though.  You never know when there will be a homicidal person hiding in the shadows.

I've talked about this before, but my favorite kinds of books are the classics and social worky memoirs.  The writing has to be real or real good.

Everybody Loves Raymond is probably my favorite comedy.  It's so funny.  I just love to hate Marie.  I've also been a fan of The Middle.  And yes, the shows happen to have the same actress as the mom.  Not that I'm her number one fan--I don't even know her real name.  I just call her Deb.

I love love love So You Think You Can Dance.  I got really into it when I was in high school, but then when I went to college I never had TV channels so I never got to watch it unless I found recorded segments on Youtube.  Fox was lame back then and didn't bother putting the episodes for SYTYCD online.  However, now that we have TV channels I watch SYTYCD faithfully.



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