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Challenge 15

The Heart of Life: Challenge 15

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Challenge 15

Challenge #15:  What are some of your routines?

As I mentioned in my last post, routine isn't one of my strong points at this juncture in my life.  So here's my one routine:  bedtime.

1.  Use the bathroom.
2.  Wash hands.
3.  Take out and rub contacts.
4.  Brush teeth (with hot water).
5.  Put hair in ponytail and get bangs out of the way with a headband.
6.  Wash face.
7.  Remove ponytail, headband, and any stray bobby pins.
8.  Take birth control and prenatal vitamin (contradictory, I know)
9.  Read scriptures on my own.
10.  Read scriptures with my husband.
11.  Pray with my husband.
12.  Pray on my own.
13.  Sleep.

I've been doing it this way for years, and there's a definite logical reason for this particular order.  It's the most efficient way.  The bathroom comes first since I need to wash my hands before taking out my contacts anyway.  The contacts come before teeth-brushing because I wouldn't want the residual toothpaste on my fingertips to get in my eyes.  That would sting.  And I wouldn't want to wash my hands twice.  That's just asking for dry skin.  Face-washing is after both teeth-brushing and contact removal for two reasons.  One, I would hate to accidentally get soap in my eyes with contacts still in.  Contacts make it way worse.  Two, I've got to give the water time to warm up before face-washing, and what better way than while brushing your teeth.  You can't wash your face in cold water.  A beverage is the only good excuse for cold water.

Now, I do stray from the routine occasionally.  I don't venture too far away, though.  It just works so well.



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