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Challenge 40

The Heart of Life: Challenge 40

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Challenge 40

Challenge #40:  What is the story behind your name?

Ok, so I skipped a few challenge questions.  It's the end of the month, and I'm about to go on a little get-away for my first anniversary (one year, what?), so this will be the last "This is Me" question.  I thought I'd make it an interesting one.

I'm the first child in my family, and thus when my parents went to name me, they were at a loss.  They couldn't pick a name, so I was "Baby {Last Name}" for about two days.  Not that I hold that against them--naming a child seems like a HUGE decision.  Almost as big as the decision to actually have a child.  I actually talked to my mom about this last night.  She told me how it's one thing to like a name, but it's completely different when you're thinking about naming your child that name.

Anyway, after a few days of this name-less business, my grandma laid down an ultimatum.  My parents were going to a doctors appointment or something together, and they weren't to return without a name for me.  I can just imagine my parents sitting in the car outside my childhood home deciding on my name while my grandma stood poised by the door, waiting for the affirmative that the child had been named.  I'm sure that's not how it really was, but that's what I like to imagine.

Eventually my parents narrowed it down to two options:  Lindsey and Courtney.  At this point they left it up to fate.  They flipped a coin.  As my name is Lindsey, one of two things happened at this point.  It might have landed Lindsey-side up and they rejoiced and embraced their fate.  Or just maybe it landed Courtney-side up and they experienced extreme disappointment, so they decided (just between them) that they'd pretend it landed Lindsey-side up.  I'm ok with either version.

I've been Lindsey ever since!



At June 28, 2012 at 8:58 AM , Blogger Georgia said...

Yay for your beautiful name to go with your beautiful self. AND Happy Anniversary! I'm celebrating your special day today too! I love you and Kevin and am so happy for you to be together!

At June 29, 2012 at 8:20 PM , Blogger Celia Turner said...

I don't know why it was such a hard, HARD thing to do!!! Dad really wanted to name you Shelby Ann, but I was not going to have my darling baby girl named after a big football player (who was the only Shelby that I had ever heard of). We must have gone through the baby name book a THOUSAND TIMES - and still didn't have a clue what to name you. After getting grandma's ultimatum, we finally narrowed it down to the two names. We actually liked both names equally well. We named you true to the coin toss. It was the perfect name for you!


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