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4 Month Development

The Heart of Life: 4 Month Development

Sunday, January 5, 2014

4 Month Development

I’m going to continue to do Tiger’s development posts even though it doesn’t really jive with my previous resolve for blog solidarity.  It’s borderline journal-y, but because I’m giving some developmental info that you don’t see very much online I’m going to let it slide.  I think it’s interesting.  I won’t do the “Things to practice” thing anymore, though.


-Regard own hand: stares at own hand for at least several seconds.  90% pass. Pass.
-Work for toy: reaches or leans toward toy placed slightly out of reach.  25% pass.  Kind of.  He moves his arms toward toys that he can’t reach, but I don’t know if he reaches.

Fine Motor/Adaptive

-Grasp rattle: grasps rattle when touched to back of fingers or fingertips.  90% pass at 3.75 months. Pass.
-Hands together: brings hands together to the midline of body over chest or mouth while lying on back.  90% pass. Pass.
-Follow 180 degrees: follows dangling yarn from the side of their head all the way to the other side.  80% pass. Pass.
-Regard raisin: while holding child in lap sitting at the table, place raisin, cheerio, or similarly sized object on the table; pass if child looks at raisin (pointing to it is ok).  60% pass.  It’s kind of hard to tell exactly what he’s looking at, but I’m pretty sure he was regarding the cereal.


-Laughs: laughs aloud.  90% pass at 3.25 months. Pass. Over the holidays my little cousins got him to laugh the most I’d ever heard him.  He thought they were hilarious. 
-Squeals: makes high-pitched happy sounds.  85% pass. Pass.
-Turn to rattling sound: hold child in your lap facing you and have someone stand behind child (out of sight) and shake a rattle 6-12 inches away from child’s ear and repeat with other ear; pass if child turns to sound for both ears.  55% pass.  He turns for one side, but not the other.
-Turn to voice: hold child in your lap facing you and have someone stand behind child (out of sight) and whisper the child’s name several times 6-12 inches away from child’s ear—with hand between mouth and child’s ear so child can’t feel the breath; repeat with other ear and pass if child turns to sound for both ears.  30% pass.  Not yet.
-Imitate speech sounds: repeat a sound several times (cough, clicking tongue, kissy sound); pass if child imitates sound.  35% pass.  Not yet.

Gross Motor

-Head up 90 degrees: head makes a 90 degree angle from the surface for a few seconds while on tummy (without head being turned to the side).  90% pass by 3.5 months. Pass.
-Sit head steady: holds head upright and steady (no bobbing) for a few seconds while being held in sitting position.  90% pass by 3.5 months. Pass.
-Bear weight on legs: supports own weight on feet and legs for a few seconds in a standing position (holding child in standing position and slowly loosening hand support, but not letting go).  80% pass. Pass.  He loves standing.
-Chest up-arm support: Place child on stomach on flat surface; pass if child lifts head and chest with outstretched arms.  75% pass.  Not yet.  I think he’s getting close, though.  I think he’s capable, but doesn’t know he can.
-Roll over: roll completely from back to stomach or vice versa at least twice.  70% pass.  If he rolls over from stomach to back it’s an accident.  He has rolled to his side from his back a couple of times, so it’s probably a matter of time.
-Pull to sit—no head lag: with child on back, grasp child’s hands and wrists and gently and slowly pull to a sitting position; pass if child’s head stays in line with body with no lag (stop if there is immediate lag).  75% pass.  Pass.  He doesn’t do it every time, but he can do it.  He tries really hard to sit up when he’s on his back or leaning against me, so he’s got some neck and stomach muscles working.


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