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Challenge 13

The Heart of Life: Challenge 13

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Challenge 13

Challenge #13:  What are some health challenges you've faced in your life?  What are you currently doing to be healthy?

I've been blessed to be a pretty healthy girl.  I had ear issues when I was tiny, so they put tubes in my ears.  Unfortunately they caused some damage--they left holes in my ear drums.  I guess I couldn't hear very well (but maybe it was just because I wasn't listening--haha).  Thus, the summer before second grade I had surgery on one of my ears, and then had the same surgery on my other ear a few months later.  What happened with the surgery is they made a little incision behind my ear and snipped off some of the muscle (I imagine that's why I can't wiggle my ears) and transplanted it onto my ear drum to seal up the hole.  Both surgeries went fabulously and now I can hear normally.  I haven't had too many problems since.  I think I'm a little more sensitive to loud music than most people (it gives me a bad headache), but I don't know if that's related to my childhood ear issues or not.

Because I always had tubes (or holes) in my ears, I was commanded to never ever EVER get my ears wet as a child.  So I was that awkward child at the pool with loads of wax stuffed in my ears (to keep the water out) that kept saying, "Huh?  What did you say?"  Dunking my head underwater was never very enjoyable because I could just envision buckets of water leaking into my ears.  Floating on my back was a joke.  It created a unique kind of pressure on my ears that freaked me out and sent my arms and legs flailing.  I never did pass level 4 in swimming.

I am wanting to be more healthy lately.  For a long time I had a job where I was constantly speed walking around and lifting things, but my job for the past year has been slightly more sedentary.  Well, a lot more sedentary.  There's more treats, too.  Plus, Pinterest happened in my life, so now I eat really well (although not always very healthy).  Thus, I'm trying to work out some kind of workout routine in my life... but currently the only routine thing about my life is how I get ready for bed.  I'll keep you posted on that one.



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